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How auto focus works on Nikon D5000DX


After taking hours of photography classes, you grew tired of your frustrations of dealing with your manual camera. At that point, you seem to be getting ready to give up your hopes of becoming a good photographer. Then you went to your computer, went online, and read a feature on how auto focus works on Nikon D5000DX. Then you said to yourself, why did I think about going digital?

Generally, the prescribed instructions on photography classes always started with learning the ways of a manual SLR, as classic driving classes use cars with manual transmission. With that, students who grew used to the convenience of digital cameras may go through the frustrating ride of traveling back in time when pictures still depended on films and graduated focus and zoom settings. The more frustrating part of these classes is achieving clarity with manual focus settings. This is what the all-new Nikon D5000DX is trying to solve.

The auto focus features of Nikon D5000DX are a great time saver for those who so badly wanted to take high-quality pictures. Together with its automatic film advance, automatic flash and automatic exposure capabilities, taking quality digital image in every shot has been made easier.

The 12-megapixel Nikon D5000DX features 19 preset scene modes that are extremely helpful for newbie’s who wanted to take good photos. At any setting, its variable-angle LCD enables the shooter to see digital images at different angles, giving them a live option for capturing images. As the latest addition to the digital Nikon SLR lineup, D5000DX is adorned with expanded scene modes that spell F-U-N. In simple words, the advanced yet easy-to-use auto focus works on Nikon D5000DX to give everyone the chance to be gone with the frustrations they experience with manual or inferior models of cameras.

In general, the auto focus capabilities of digital Nikon cameras use a combination of active and passive systems. For its more advanced SLR models, interchangeable lenses are used to give passive auto focus features. For added convenience, they are given the lock focus capability, which enables the camera to keep a moving subject at the center to the frame. With that, the camera detects a moving subject in millisecond speed.

To activate the auto lock focus features, the user is instructed to apply pressure on the shutter button. This describes an auto focus feature in action. With active preview seen on the camera’s LCD, the user is aided in taking images when composition is best. This way, everyone can say good-bye to blurred and fuzzy pictures. Depending on the camera mode setting, the user can enjoy the other more useful auto focus tricks that digital Nikon cameras offer.

The auto focus features of Nikon D5000DX hits the fine line between the auto focus features that are seen with the Nikon D400 and D700X models. With a slight increase in megapixel found on D400 and a little, less of refinement found on D700X and D800, this high-grade digital camera possesses everything that a novice photographer would need to cover special occasions with quality pictures.

Thanks to its competitive auto focus capabilities, it is predicted to dominate its competition mid-range models. Hence, as long as the user-friendly auto focus works on Nikon D5000DX, everyone can easily shoot professional-grade pictures even without going through the pains of taking photography classes.

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