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Canon 5d Mark II Review


Using only the Canon Canon 5D Mark 2 I produced shot and edited this television spot. There were a few challenges to overcome and get this tv commercial shot for the dealership. Most of the commercial is beautiful smooth and has a great message. The very first shot in the commercial you can see the DSLR camera rolling shutter issue. I tried to compensate with Warp stabilization in Adobe Premiere Pro CC however there was too much rolling shutter wobble to get it right. I have since re-shot the scene to fix the problem.

It was having my neck strap on and creating tension between the camera and my neck providing a smooth shot to deal with. When I first shot the scene it was on a whim I thought wow what a beautiful drive down this canyon and so I saw my Canon 5D Mark 2 sitting in the chair next to me and I picked it up and shot as fast as I could. So when in a pinch and a need to be hand holding your DSLR camera, use your neck strap to stabilize the rolling shutter.
Time of day was very important for these shots. Being able to keep my shutter speed at 50 and my iso low at 160 I used tiffen nd filters and timed the sunsets and sunrises to the shots. I hate to take the shutter speed up past 50 however Some shots were too late in the day and I had to compensate some.

The Tiffen ND Filter They do a great job and I have even double stacked them before with a mid day shot. I do not condone putting two pieces of glass in front of the lens as it causes some detail loss.

Using Magic lanterns fantastic Raw camera beta theses shots came out better than I could have ever expected from video on a DSLR camera. Although the supported frame size is a little smaller than 1920 x 1080 (which is supported on the I believe) the post color correction was amazing! I only shoot with the raw function now. With the ability to pull in video footage and color sweeten it in Adobe camera Raw has to be one of the best things that have happened to Digital video on a DSLR camera.

Now The Magic Lantern Raw is great but there were some issues when shooting. First off You have to have a very fast cf card! A couple of times the camera processor could not keep up and the recording would stop so I would have to reset shots. I was still shooting the last shot on the overlook in Farmington Utah when the card suddenly indicated it was full however it was just confused and stopped working. So I had to tuck my tail and go with what I already had. The Raw files are very large and will fill up a 32 gig card pretty fast.

All in all the best images I have ever shot out of the Canon Canon 5D Mark 2 came from the nice glass I was using stable footage on the Jib Arm and Magic Lanterns raw video footage. I will always shoot with raw if the situation can support it.

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