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Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Dual Suction Camera Mount Review


Designed to eliminate vibration while getting used on moving objects, the Fat Gecko Dual Mount allows you to capture professional stills & videos from unique, exciting perspectives. With its ability to be used on a spread of objects, the twin Mount can mount any camera to capture shots you normally wouldn’t be ready to get. Snap or record incredibly low-angle shots while travelling at high speeds, just like the ones seen in movies. Attach it to the side of a car, boat, Jet Ski, ATV, snowmobile, etc.; the chances are endless! 

Incorporating two 3 in. industrial-grade suction cups, the Fat Gecko Dual Mount creates a secure, damage-free attachment to any smooth, non-porous surface, while significantly reducing the quantity of vibration generated. Originally designed to hold sheets of economic glass, the patented suction cups offer an edge that’s virtually incomparable. Each are tested on glass, plastic, helmets, boats, surfboards, countertops, even the outside of vehicles going over 150 mph. additionally , the suction cups have also been tested in various extreme temperatures so as to make sure its reliability.

Designed with four adjustment points, the twin Mount are often angled and positioned in numerous ways to accommodate any shooting situation. Two pivoting joints at the suction cups allow you to mount to flat or curved surfaces, while two ball joints enable 360° tilt, turn and rotation for a totally customized found out . The 2 in. extension arm also provides additional reach to shoot over and around objects which will be blocking the camera’s view. The adjusting knobs securely lock the ball head, neck and suction cups into place, guaranteeing that your camera will stay in situ , even throughout rapid, shaky movement. 

Made from anodized zinc, the mount is ruggedly constructed to endure any shooting environment, including ones where wind, g-force and water inherit play. Its metal design also helps keep heavier equipment steady when in use. Mount it to the side of your car while driving at high speeds or maybe off the side of a ship as you crash through waves; the mount’s metal design makes it ready to resist corrosion, wear & breakage. regardless of how often you employ it or what conditions it’s put through, the twin Mount will remain durable and durable for years of use. 
The built-in universal ¼”-20 tripod thread allows you to securely mount many different cameras, starting from action cameras to DSLRs, weighing up to eight lbs. A rubber washer is included at rock bottom of the tripod thread so as to stop the bottom of your camera from being damaged, while ensuring a robust attachment when the lock ring has been tightened. 


The Fat Gecko Dual Mount also comes with a further cold shoe adapter, allowing you to mount any external flash unit weighing up to 4 lbs. As proper lighting placement is crucial in capturing that perfect shot, the power to mount an external flash unit wherever and in whatever position is incredibly valuable for photographer

Color: Black 
Brand: Delkin 
Item Dimensions Length x Weight x Height: 3.5×9.5×11.3 inches 
Item Weight: 1.2 Pounds 
Tilt: 360 degree 
Warranty: 2 year 
Supports Cameras: upto 8lbs

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