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Photography Ideas – Tips For Taking Wedding Photos

Photography Ideas – Tips For Taking Wedding Photos

Photography is a visual art. Creative photography ideas are important in wedding photography. Taking photos at a wedding venue is a challenge as the activities and light conditions there changes from second to second. Here are some basic photography ideas for a beginner wedding photographer.

How to prepare for a wedding photograph

Preparation from at least from a month before gives you great photography ideas. Getting to know the couple is good to understand their views about their wedding photo album. Ask questions like, where is the venue? How many guests are expected? How many photographers are hired for the ceremony? This will help you plan for great shots.

Know the wedding location

Spare time and visit the venue to get some photography ideas for a wonderful click. Also find a position to locate your self on the wedding day. Check out the reception area and other places of activities like the dance floor

Photography kit

Now you have some photography ideas in mind, and it is time to organize your tools for photography. Make sure you have kept your camera, tripod, lenses, memory card and portable drive. Do not miss out to take an assistant along with you to the wedding venue. Be it your friend or colleague, an assistant can help you arrange things at the venue and share your stress.

The wedding day has arrived and its time for you to be attentive and tricky with photography ideas. If you are asked to take photographs of the bride or groom getting ready for the wedding, be the first one to reach their home. In the church, position yourself in the predetermined place. Do not take too many photographs in the beginning itself, you have a long day ahead with a number of glorious scenes to click. If you are required to take group shots, start with big groups so that you can have combinations of friends and relatives pictures to stick on the wedding album.

You are almost done with the wedding photography. Edit and remove redeye, cropping, etc. Use stunning creative Photography ideas that suit the function and place. Load the photos in a CD or DVD and deliver it to the lovely couple and get your next photography order there itself.

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