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How To Prevent Blurry Pictures


Whether you take pictures with a digital camera or smartphone, blurry photos can get very frustrating. Sometimes you have the good fortune to retake the shot but other times the moment is lost forever. Follow these easy steps and learn how to prevent blurry pictures.

Hold The camera With Both Hands

Blurry pictures are sometimes the result of camera shake. You can solve this issue by holding the camera with both hands. I like to bring my elbows close to my body for added stability.

Although convenient, you lose a bit of stability by holding the device in front of you with just one hand.

Place Your Elbows On A Sturdy Foundation

Let’s say you’re enjoying a day at the park. Try placing your elbows on the park bench or low wall. Even a tree can provide some level of support.

There are many other examples in your home such as a dining room table, back of a chair, or desk.

These are also great places to set up your camera for self portraits. If your device has a self timer, you place it on an elevated platform and be your own photographer.

Are Your Focusing On The Right Subject?

I used to make this mistake all the time with my new digital camera!

Let’s say I’m taking a picture of my sister and there’s a car about 15 ft behind her. Guess what happens if I accidentally focus on the car? You got it! The car will look just fine but my intended target will be very blurry.

Be sure to hold the shutter halfway down while the auto focus is in action. Once, you have the right object in the focal length, press the shutter to take the picture.

These are just a few tips that don’t require you to spend money on any new equipment or photo editing software. Proper technique and practice can take you further than inexperience with fancy gadgets.

I’ve salvaged some memorable shots by following these techniques. I hope you do as well.

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