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Wifi Spy Camera With Recording & Remote Internet Access


Wifi spy camera with recording and remote internet access is great features for spy camera/hidden camera or IP camera so any one can easily track information by remotely with audio voice. Here we review 3 or 4 best wifi spy camera with recording and remote internet access. It has bigger sensor which allows low light capability and wide angle view and will focus more sharply on moving objects.

Watch over your home or business with a smart phone (Android & IOS), PC or tablet from anywhere there is Internet, 3G or 4G. For set-up, all you need is your wireless router and internet.
Unlike other IP cameras, our P2P technology allows easy set-up for everyone without requiring any network knowledge. You can locate the cameras at multiple locations and access with multiple devices simultaneously. All our Wi-Fi cameras are built with same components so you can mix and match multiple cameras.

50+ Models at your choice.

Don’t get stuck with just one camera.
All SCS WiFi cameras are made with the same component. Since we are the manufacturer, you can select any cameras from our store and control all of them with one app or software.

That means you can always add more cameras in the future and make them work with the camera you have already purchased from us.

Need different configuration such as IR filter, angle view, etc.? No problem.

Since all our WiFi cameras are made to order, we can custom adjust many settings upon request.

For example, as default, our cameras come with day light lens filter to provide most natural color under any lighting conditions. However it’s not sensitive to IR night-vision lighting. We are able to install 940nM IR filter for you.

Also, we can custom adjust the camera angle. For example, our wall charger camera looks straight out. If you request it to look a little bit up or down, we can definitely accommodate it.

We even have Direct SSID version that can used in situations where there is no Wi-Fi. Just let us know, we’ll do our best to meet your specific needs.

All Models are Built with Quality Components.

Big Sensor.
Ever wonder why camera in a smart phone does not perform well under low light? That is because of the small sensor size. Bigger sensors use more power, more costly and take up too much space, making it unsuitable as a smartphone part. Our cameras use 1/2.8″, one of the biggest, sensor which allows low light capability and wide angle view and will focus more sharply on moving objects.

Glass, not Plastic.
A camera is as good as its lens. SCS cameras are made with quality double layered pinhole lens using glass elements, not plastic. It will provide clarity and good focus throughout the entire image.
Cheap plastic lenses often cause distortion towards the edges of the video image. Smaller sensors are often equipped with lenses with bigger opening to compensate with its poor sensitivity in low light.

Wide Angle.
Bigger lens opening requires a bigger hole to see through making it less covert. Our lens has smaller opening with super conical shape that will provide a full view while being discretely hidden.
On top of standard factory inspection, modules are tested again here in USA. Lenses are fine focused and Wi-Fi signal checked while being assembled into a covert housing.

App, PC and ONVIF NVR.
SCS WiFI cameras come with IOS, Android app and PC software. You can also use your own software such as Blue Iris or ISPY Connect. Also our cameras are ONVIF compliant and will work with NVR’s.

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